GLC Concludes 2nd Meeting & Symposium, Resolves to Take Action on Issues of Global, Cultural Context in TEL

Hosted by the National University of Singapore, the second meeting and symposium of the Global Learning Council (GLC) was highlighted by a series of engaging discussions from global leaders in education, learning science research, technology, philanthropy and policy.  This cross-sector group of leaders and researchers convened around the theme of the 2016 meeting: “Technology-Enhanced Learning in Asia: Promise and Challenges,” and shared important insights and questions around how globalization and cross-cultural factors can and should impact the way technology is used to improve learning outcomes, particularly in higher education.  Speakers shared their own unique experiences and research results around this and related topics, including keynotes from Lee Howell, Head of Global Programming of the World Economic Forum and Mr. Ng Cher Pong, Chief Executive of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Professor Subra Suresh, GLC Chair and President of Carnegie Mellon University, announced that the members and delegates present at the meeting approved a resolution to take action around the question of how to define and develop best practices around the issue of the global, cross-cultural context of technology enhanced learning (TEL) design and deployment. The resolution, which can be found at the Meeting & Symposium event page, commits the council to synthesizing the current “state-of-the-art” and best practices for cross-cultural considerations for the benefit of the global educational community.  The council anticipates that this work will be released at the next meeting of the GLC, which is slated to take place in the Summer of 2017 in Berlin, Germany, hosted by the Leibniz Association.

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Global Learning Council to Convene 2nd Meeting and Symposium in Singapore (April 12-13, 2016)

A cross-sector group of leaders and practitioners in higher education from around the world will gather to share ideas and address important questions on technology-enhanced learning at the second Global Learning Council (GLC) Meeting & Symposium, which will be held April 12-13 at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

The GLC convenes leaders from the global academic, industry and for-profit sectors to develop standards, ethics, and protocols that promote collaboration and scale-up best practices for deploying technology-enhanced learning.

The symposium, whose theme is “Technology-enhanced learning in Asia: Promise and Challenges,” will gather global leaders in education, industry, government, and non-profit sectors to share ideas, best practices and discuss problems and solutions to some of the most important questions around the development and implementation of technology-enhanced learning.

The meeting and symposium will mark the official release of the first GLC Best Practices Report and resource, entitled “Technology Enhanced Learning: Best Practices and Data Sharing in Higher Education.”  To allow for dynamic content and exist as a “living document”, the report will be hosted as a page on the Documents Section of the GLC website.

Some other highlights of the meeting and symposium program include:

  • Opening speeches by Carnegie Mellon University president and GLC Chair, Dr Subra Suresh and NUS President, Prof. Tan Chorh Chuan;
  • A plenary session titled Global Learning Opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution, by Dr W. Lee Howell, head of Global Programming and member of the Managing Board of the World Economic Forum;
  • Keynote lecture by Ng Cher Pong, chief executive of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency;
  • Technology demonstrations, showcasing best practices and examples of how technology can be applied to enhance teaching and learning.

For more invitation, including a live stream of all sessions, view the event page on the GLC website.