GLC Summit 2017

Paving the Way for the Digital Future

June 29 - 30, 2017 | Allianz-Forum, Pariser Platz 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany

The digital transformation pervades each and every aspect of society. Digital interconnectivity, machine learning and automation allow for fundamental changes of the way we live and work. Some of these changes are already under way, illustrating both the potential as well as the challenges that these pose to education and the labour market.  The promise of technology-enhanced learning to improve learning outcomes for people everywhere has the potential to change the face of humanity, helping people around the world to reach their full potential. Learning sciences have shown that learners need to be engaged in active exchange with learning materials as well as with other learners in order to process information effectively. Taking these insights into account, the best educational technologies actively engage individuals both with the material and with one another. Courseware adapted to technologies caters to the needs of each learner, matches learners in ways that result in ideal learning communities, and creates opportunities for learning-by-doing. This way, instruction is tailored to individual skillsets as well as pre-existing knowledge and competencies, resulting in dramatically improved learning outcomes and an increase of completion rates. At the same time, learning systems are scalable to millions.  However, at every turn, there are important economic, sociological and cultural considerations to be made and challenges to overcome. At the 2017 Global Learning Council (GLC) Summit in Berlin, international experts and key stakeholders come together to share ideas and perspectives on important questions related to the digital transformation of education and its connection to the labour force.  What is required to leverage the full potential of a successful digital transformation throughout the entire education chain? How can individual solutions and existing best practices be integrated into a holistic picture of the digitally enhanced education landscape of the future? The GLC Summit provides a platform to find answers to these questions.


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