GLC Summit 2017

GLC Summit 2017


28–30 June 2017

The Leibniz Association hosted the GLC Summit in Berlin, Germany. Researchers, practitioners and experts from all over the world met to exchange their ideas and experiences on digital learning along the entire education chain. The discussions covered early childhood, university, and continuing vocational and informal educational.

Video Highlights

Watch videos from the September 2014 meeting

The full playlist is on The GLC YouTube Channel.

Meeting Recap

The conference was one of the first to discuss digital learning from a global perspective, considering various cross-cultural learning approaches and digitization strategies in different countries. The following questions, among others, were discussed at the conference:

How can cultural differences be taken into account and different learning approaches be made possible?

  • What advantages and disadvantages do research-based step-by-step implementations versus
  • demand-oriented ad-hoc solutions provide?
  • How can digitization of education be designed in such a way that users and providers can afford it?
  • Which business models are needed to make education affordable?
  • How can the quality and scalability of digital learning programs be kept in balance?

With the “Berlin Consensus” the GLC presented a joint proposal for the global use and dissemination of digital learning concepts, forming the basis for the GLC’s work. You can read more about the chances and challenges of digital education here.

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