Global Learning Report 2021

Global Learning Report 2021

The rapid digital shift to distance teaching in the context of the global pandemic gave new impetus to the discourse in higher education to address digital teaching and learning.

Together with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Times Higher Education, the Global Learning Council (GLC) has been monitoring the pressing questions that have emerged around the value of teaching, barriers to equitable educational access, and guardrails needed for sustainable digital transformation over the past 16 months.

The report in a nutshell

The following video (2:56 min) will give a brief overview of the Global Learning Report 2021. You can download the complete report as a PDF below.

Link to Youtube video

and complete report


The voices of educators and higher education leaders gathered in the Global Learning Report 2021 – Digital Transformation of Higher Education form the basis for the recommendations for digital transformation of education provided for leaders of higher education institutions, policy-makers, and the ed tech industry.

In our report, you can find more information and deeper insight into what we consider global challenges to digital learning, and all the recommendations.