Global Learning Report 2022

Global Learning Report 2022

The contributing authors of the Global Learning Report 2022 deliver their messages with an urgency that was lacking in last year’s paper.

From chapter 1, entitled “Moving from Stated Values to Enacted Efforts: Strategic Leadership in Higher Education,” to chapter 9, “An Accessible Future for all Students: Using Technology to Realize Higher Education’s Greatest Promise,” education technologists are clear: HEIs must act now if they are to maintain the momentum of digital innovation seen in the previous two years.

This process will require collaboration, risk-taking, new models of education de- livery, and a firm commitment to tackling the inequalities that existed before the pan- demic began and the new ones that have emerged since. This year’s report is full of advice and recommendations for how to act now.

The final chapter synthesizes our authors’ contributions into a unified vision for the future of higher education. This outlook encompasses five defining goals for higher education institutions in a new, post-pandemic world of greater digitalization and inno- vation: accessibility, inclusion, individuality, sustainability, and quality teaching.

Download: You can download the report here.

Suggested Citation: Hesse, F. W., Kobsda, C., & Schemmann, C. (Eds.). (2022). Digital Transformation of Higher Education - Global Learning Report 2022. Berlin: Global Learning Council (GLC); Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst e.V. (DAAD); Times Higher Education (THE).