GLC Postdoctoral Fellows Network

An international network of postdoctoral researchers are working together on learning outcomes with AI tools through periodic virtual meetings and research exchange visits at partner institutions. The first results will be presented at the GLC Annual Meeting in June 2024. Current research areas include AI in higher education and the science of learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Healthcare Informatics and Responsible AI.

GLC - HP Global Hackathon on “Ensuring the veracity of AI in learning”

A global hackathon on how to improve learning outcomes and access to technology for all is planned between January and April 2024 in Switzerland, India, Rwanda and Kenya. The 'hackathon finalists' will give presentations and the grand competition will take place at the GLC Annual Meeting in Villars in June 2024.

GLC Summer University Student Internships at CERN, from Summer 2024

We will provide learning experience to a cohort of STEM-inspired young global citizens with a focus on sustainability in energy and environment over two months. Following the internship, the Common Team Project on Energy Sustainability will serve to nurture and catalyze students' novel ideas for solutions to complex multidisciplinary and intergenerational challenges related to learning outcomes for all, which will be presented at the GLC Annual Meeting in June 2024.

HP Futures, in partnership with GLC

HP Futures is a leadership initiative that fosters and promotes innovative thinking to shape a more resilient, equitable future for education. HP Futures is a multi-stakeholder, multi-disciplinary network of more than 100 international thought leaders from across the education sector - from academia and government to business and civil society.